26 Nov

This year marked the first Thanksgiving not spent with my family. Though I’m sad I missed the first of possibly many at my sister’s house, I did get to spend it with some of my new friends in Eugene. There was lots of food, football, and a refreshing after-dinner walk. All in all, a great day with great people.

And, in the spirit of the holiday, I am thankful for:

  1. Family. Cliché but true. My family is the best and I can’t wait to see them in less than a month!
  2. My domestic partner (according to the University of Oregon). I’m so proud of him for pursuing his dream and love being on this adventure together. Also, he brings me white soda when my tummy hurts after a night of $1 beers.
  3. Technology. Just got my new iPhone 4S and I’m loving it…especially after using a Go Phone for the last three months. It also allowed me to see my family’s faces on Thanksgiving. FaceTime is awesome.
  4. My friends. Again, cliché, but I love them. New ones, old ones, silver, gold, and all that…they’re great.

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