crafty b*tch

6 Dec
Allow me to preface this post by saying the following: I do NOT craft. In fact, I’ve sort of made it a point to scoff at/judge crafters and DIYers.
But I did the unspeakable this weekend. I crafted.
A couple of my girlfriends mentioned they were getting together to make some things they’d seen on Pinterest, and would I like to join? Not wanting to be a negative Nizzle, I said sure! I can make shit. Easy.
Ok, not easy.
First of all, making it through a trip to Michael’s without punching old ladies that smell like cinnamon and White Diamonds and have zero awareness of their bodies in cramped spaces in the face is a feat unto itself.
After surviving complete sensory overload and coming to our senses long enough to not buy the plastic dinosaurs to put in handmade snowglobes (seriously)*, we headed back to Sam’s house to get to work.
Sam has a wonderful stash of supplies for all sorts of projects and was nice enough to let me use her fabric, so I opted to bench the snowglobe and make some bunting.
Here is my step by step process:
1. Choose fabric. I opted for these three red prints:
2. Create triangle template from cardstock for tracing. Size is up to you.
3. Trace triangle onto back of fabric.
4. Cut out triangles
5. Create top pocket for string to hang. Pin in place. Make sure to measure the pocket so they’re all the same.
6. Have friend with sewing machine stitch pockets closed.
7. Sew one flag yourself.
8. Hand sewing machine back over to friend when it starts making loud clanking noises.
9. Thread yarn or string through the pockets, with flags in desired pattern.
And that’s it. Steps 7 & 8 are of course optional.
Here is my finished product:
And I must admit, I enjoyed making it. I still believe that just because you can make something does not mean that you should (listen up doily crocheters). But, I will scoff and judge a little less now having experiences the joy of crafts for myself. My mom will be so proud. (She’s a crafty b*tch.)
*Just got a text from Cissi. It is a photo of plastic dinosaurs “for the snowglobes.” Only $1! So I take back the coming to our senses thing.

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