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wedding planning starts now

28 Jan

Since getting engaged, I’ve been thinking a lot about my upcoming wedding (obviously). And hitting Pinterest like crazy. Yet, the actual planning has been a little slow to start. Ty and I agreed that we would bask in the glory of our engagement for a bit before we hit the ground running. And we did that. Despite everyone asking if we’d set a date (um, no. we got engaged yesterday – seriously why do people ask that right away?)

The point is this: Grace period = over

I contacted one of my frontrunners in the venue race yesterday only to be told that there is 1 day available in each of the two months we are considering. In 2013! That’s over a year away. Damn these brides are on the ball. So, sister/MOH and Mom are heading out this weekend to check out some venues and report back. Have I mentioned planning a wedding from across the country means you miss out on some big stuff? Whatever. I trust their opinions. They have better taste than I do.

I’m not posting the venues we are considering, lest one of the aforementioned on-the-ball brides is one of my 3 readers and books it before me. Like that one lady did to Monica and Chandler with the band! I just can’t risk it.

But I will leave you with some pretty inspiration photos.


Oregon is beautiful

18 Jan

A friend of mine shared this gorgeous time-lapse video with me today. Oregon is so full of different and beautiful sights – I need to get to work seeing them all!


18 Jan

Polka Dots.

In all sizes and on all things.

 It started at a young age…
 And thanks to Pinterest, it’s only gotten worse.









Currently re-reading

12 Jan


One of my all-time faves.

My favorite city

12 Jan

All photos courtesy of Pinterest

2011: a year in review

4 Jan

2011 was a pretty huge year for the Whitbull.

Highlights included:

A big move — to Oregon

Tyler had been thinking about grad school for a while, so last winter he started studying for his GMAT, took it in the spring (and rocked it, I might add), and applied to Oregon’s Sports Business MBA program by the end of May. When he found out he got accepted in June, we had less than 2 months to prepare for our move to Eugene. We loaded up the Kia and set off across the country on an 11 day road trip, camping our way through Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon. We made it without any major incidents (save for the almost-attack by Jersey the basset hound) and are settled in, have made great friends, and are generally enjoying life in Track Town, USA.

Taking in the Oregon coast

A new job

As much as I would love to be a stay-at-home-girlfriend, someone has to bring home the bacon ’round here, so when we arrived in Oregon (ok, like a month after), I set out on the job hunt. Everyone was telling me how dire the unemployment issue was here in Oregon, and especially Eugene, but I somehow lucked out and landed a social media/marketing position at a new LASIK practice. My co-workers are the nicest people and it is such a positive environment – a very welcome change from what I was used to.

An engagment!

By far the best thing to come out of 2011! Tyler popped the question on Christmas Day, surprising me at my parent’s house. We spent the next week in Wisconsin celebrating with friends and family. And the ring…ohh the ring. I swoon every time I look at it.

The best ring ever!

Bring it 2012!

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