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wtf wedding traditions: the cake smash

28 Feb

Before I even started wedding planning there were several things I knew were NOT going to happen at my wedding. In my new series wtf wedding traditions, I will highlight these items and explain why I will not be doing them. Probably in  an abrasive manner. Sorry ’bout it.

First and foremost  on my list is the cake smash. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is what it looks like:








image via Weddingbee

Now, I don’t even know if we will have a cake (Tyler is in charge of the desserts), so this may be like a cow’s opinion, but the whole idea that you SMASH FOOD in your new husband/wife’s face seems like the dumbest thing ever to me. Where did this start? And why? And who does it? And dear God why?? It’s not cute. It’s not sweet. It is, I feel, immature, cringe-worthy, and kind of disrespectful.

If I am looking fabulous in my wedding dress (which, duh), have just expressed my eternal love to you in front of 100+ people, and have a photographer standing by to capture every moment, be it endearing or embarassing, there is no effing way you are doing anything with that cake other than sweetly feed it to me with a fork. Like a civilized human being.

I have, of course, made this clear to my husband-to-be, but just to be extra sure, I will be sending him the link to this post immediately.

Am I way off base here? Feel free to call me out.


friday links

24 Feb

It’s the weekend y’all! I am armed with two bottles of wine and looking forward to a relaxing weekend while Ty is on a ski trip. Hopefully I will get further into the Game of Thrones book (I’ve been slacking on my reading lately). What are you up to?

I’ll leave you with some fun links to peruse.

Seeing this movie tomorrow. Will bring tissues.

Gorgeous dress. Fingers crossed it comes back in stock.

Design Sponge’s Living in Downton Abbey post. Starting season 1 this weekend!

Florence + The Machine’s new album is fantastic.

A serious project about dogs and physics.

This chicken recipe sounds delicious.

Coming soon…

And finally…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend (and only regular commenter) Libby, who will be spending her day studying for the Illinois bar exam. Last year she had pneumonia. Libs – here’s to meeting the unpleasant birthday quota early in life so the rest can all be delightful. Love you!

listening to…

23 Feb

Taking you with me – Mindy Smith & Daniel Tashian

I first heard this song on the radio somewhere outside of Jackson, WY on our road trip out to Oregon, and it was just so perfect and fitting for the situation. It’s been a favorite ever since.

Be inspirational in 3 easy steps!

21 Feb

Currently reading

20 Feb

I have a feeling I will become obsessed with these books, which will lead to an obsession with the tv series. This could take a while…


weekend recap

19 Feb

We are back in Eugene after an exciting long weekend with my sister. Just as I suspected, our time was largely spent eating and drinking. Here are a few of the highlights…

Wine tasting and lunch at King Estate. Ash was smart and got the dungeness crab. It was delicious.

Hiking Spencer’s Butte.

Fish and chips, Guinness and Irish music at Kells. Our server just happened to be a fellow Sconnie.

Breakfast-time calorie loading at Pine State Biscuits. This is the BBQ sandwich, but I would recommend the Reggie Deluxe.

Seeing a real life clown strutting down Belmont.

Spirit sampling at New Deal Distillery.

Mexican food and margs at ¿Por Que No? Taqueria.

sisterly visit

16 Feb

My sister, Ashley, is flying into Eugene tonight and I could not be more excited. As far as sisters go, she’s basically the best there ever was. We grew up sharing a room, sleeping in each others’ beds for fear of wolves (me) and robbers (her) and raiding each others’ wardrobes (which did not always end well – I am told I can be careless), so this whole living thousands of miles apart thing has been tough. We require lots of quality sister time.

Luckily, Ash is always willing to hop on a plane and take a little vacation. So for the next five days we will be wine tasting, hiking, shopping, eating and generally exploring Oregon together. It’s going to be awesome.

This is us on her wedding day. Isn’t she beautiful?

the dream of the 90s

10 Feb

Mircro brew or die

this weekend

10 Feb

Our friends Vicky and Jason will be in Portand this weekend, so I am leaving work early today and we are driving up to meet them. Portland is such a cool city, and I am super excited for all the eating, drinking, and blow dart survival  practice (potential future post topic?) that will take place. AND we’re staying for free at the Marriott downtown – hell yeah for generous friends who travel a lot for work!

What about you? Exciting weekend plans?

thirty by thirty

10 Feb

For the past couple years I have made lists of goals to complete before I turn the next age. Correction – I started making lists. “Finish list” was not one of the goals. Anyway, I tweeted about it once and my friend Libby suggested we make 30 before 30 lists and share them so we’re more likely to meet the goals. So, without further ado, I present to you, my list. I consider this to already be wildly successful because, look, 30 items!


1. Throw an out-of-this world Christmas or New Years party
2. Lose ten pounds & keep it off
3. Print photos and organize in albums
4. Make at least 2 new friends every year
5. Perfect mom’s spaghetti sauce
6. Join/start book club
7. Return to Europe
8. Learn French
9. Join a choir or theater group
10. Take improv lessons
11. Clean a fish
12. Take swing dance lessons with Tyler
13. Sing along perfectly to Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire”
14. Find my perfect shade of lipstick
15. Visit New York City
16. Learn to knit – prove by making a scarf
17. Pay off student loans
18. Go to a Wisconsin bowl game
19. See every movie on the American Film Institute’s Top 100 list
20. Learn to play three full songs on the guitar
21. Write AK biography & get it published
22. See a musical on Broadway
23. Invest in quality cosmetics/skincare
24. Learn how to make sushi
25. Participate in Syttende Mai canoe race (and get t-shirt)
26. Live in a big city
27. Purchase domain and maintain/grow blog
28. Find a job I love
29. Purchase a house or condo
30. Marry my best friend

I will keep you posted on my progress. Helpful tips and/or resources are welcome and encouraged.

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