friday links

24 Feb

It’s the weekend y’all! I am armed with two bottles of wine and looking forward to a relaxing weekend while Ty is on a ski trip. Hopefully I will get further into the Game of Thrones book (I’ve been slacking on my reading lately). What are you up to?

I’ll leave you with some fun links to peruse.

Seeing this movie tomorrow. Will bring tissues.

Gorgeous dress. Fingers crossed it comes back in stock.

Design Sponge’s Living in Downton Abbey post. Starting season 1 this weekend!

Florence + The Machine’s new album is fantastic.

A serious project about dogs and physics.

This chicken recipe sounds delicious.

Coming soon…

And finally…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend (and only regular commenter) Libby, who will be spending her day studying for the Illinois bar exam. Last year she had pneumonia. Libs – here’s to meeting the unpleasant birthday quota early in life so the rest can all be delightful. Love you!


One Response to “friday links”

  1. Libby Massey February 25, 2012 at 7:45 pm #

    Aw! Best blog post EVER! Next year’s celebration will just have to be x3! 🙂

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