kitchen adventures

27 Mar

There once was a time when I absolutely, positively could not cook. I ruined spaghetti when my dad told me to watch it. I had no idea how to brown meat. Bowl Appétits® were a staple in my college-student diet.

Those days are long gone my friends.

It all started when I lived in Spain. The easy, pre-packaged food was no longer available, and I realized I could not survive on bread and olive oil alone (at least not without getting even fatter. Ugh.)  So my friends and I started cooking family dinners on a regular basis and my confidence in the kitchen grew.

Fast forward to now, and in an effort to eat healthier and save money, Tyler and I have been trying a lot of new, delicious recipes.

Here are two of them. Photos aren’t great – my presentation skills could use some honing.

Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Soup via

Steak with Cilantro Garlic Sauce via Epicurious

I’ve even tried my hand at baking. We made these Guinness chocolate cupcakes with Bailey’s cream cheese frosting for St. Patrick’s Day and they were a big hit.

Stay tuned for more kitchen adventures!


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