Friday links

30 Mar


Happy Friday once again!

It has been raining raining raining here in Oregon, but we are not letting that get us down. We are heading to PDX tomorrow for the night with our friends Sam and Matt (aka The Scos) for a little spring break adventure.

I should also warn you, my reader(s), that after tonight, the direction of this blog may change, given that I will be the world’s newest multi-millionaire. Yes, I bought lottery tickets. And Tyler and I have had quasi-serious conversations about what we would do with the money. Never having to utter the word “budget” in relation to wedding planning would be enough for me, but other ideas include an around-the-world trip, some real estate purchases, and helping our parents retire.

Here are some treats from around the interwebs:

Excited for lunch tomorrow.

The town with no roads.

Don Draper says “what.”

My newest lipstick shade – Love That Pink.

I really like the Dealbreakers series on GOOD.

Moody blues.

Slutty brownies. I have to make these.

Have you ever used Hotel Tonight? We love it for impromptu overnight trips. In fact, we’ll probably use it tomorrow.

I feel the same way.



One Response to “Friday links”

  1. Libby M. March 31, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

    Sorry you didn’t win it big… if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t either. HOWEVER, we did have a little office pool going, and I just saw that a second place ticket was purchased at a 7-11 in Chicago…… 🙂

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