13 May

Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest mom in the world – Tam!

Interesting facts about Tam:

She is an expert thrifter. Her house is full of amazing finds from Goodwill and estate sales. If I tell her I want something specific, she has found it within a week. I could search for months and never find it. It’s a real gift.

She is the artsy one of the family. Tam is a floral designer, and a talented crafter. She also has the most unique handwriting – it’s loopy and impossible to forge and unfortunately has doomed her to the role of wedding invite-addresser. She makes the best bows — my gifts at friends’ birthday parties always looked the prettiest, and my Valentine’s day card box blew all the other 7 year-olds’ out of the water. None of her three children inherited her abilities – we (I) just took advantage of them when we (I) waited until the last minute to start that diorama (or any other project really – sorry mom).

She is a big-time worrier. This I inherited. It was inevitable really, since my grandma and great grandma were the same way. Tyler likes to use this info to scare her – for example, she wouldn’t come within 20 feet of the edge of the Grand Canyon, so Tyler would walk close to the edge and fake trip. Her usual response to these shenanigans is a startled “Tyler!” It’s a fun game.

She thinks I’m hilarious. Tam can never stay mad at me, because I make her laugh. It’s a very convenient quality to have, and one I’ve inherited from my Dad, to whom she’s been happily married for 29 years next week! I guess laughter is the key to a successful marriage.

She is extremely loyal. This is one of her best qualities, I think. Growing up, she always told me that even if I killed someone, she’d still love me and be there for me. Now, I have no immediate murder plans, but it’s nice to know that it really doesn’t matter how I mess up, she’s got my back.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama! Thanks for getting the mix of lenient and strict, supporter and challenger, friend and parent, down to a science. I don’t know how you do you it, but I hope one day I can challenge my inner Tam and be even half as good as you. Love you!


One Response to “Tam”

  1. Tammy Drzewiecki May 15, 2012 at 2:29 am #

    Oh Whit this brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been blessed with the best kids any Mom could ask for. You three make our parenting easy by being so great! Lord knows we’ve had our share of ups and downs like any fam but we always get through it together. I’m so proud of the wonderful, loving and kind young lady you’ve become…not to mention humorous. I love you and miss you. Tyler’s a lucky guy. I can’t wait til you are home and we can wedding shop, and yes I guess I’ll address invitations. Love you, mama xoxo

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