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Friday links

29 Jun

What are you all up to this weekend? Tyler and I are heading to the Trials this afternoon and then hitting up some karaoke tonight. Other than that, I plan to catch up on a bit of sleep – I stayed up too late this week and had to wake up early every day – and read my book. Such a strenuous life I lead…

I want this print

Fifty Shades of Grey: A book report by Jenny Mollen

In defense of Newsiesthe movie

Madrid street art

Tiny libraries

A flying bike!

Pineapple gin punch

The power of introverts (I am not one)

DIY polka dot tray

Lemon bars are such a refreshing treat

Might have to try some exotic meats in Denver this summer (Ann, you in?)


currently reading

28 Jun

blast from the past

27 Jun

This past weekend, in celebration of turning 26, I decided to act like an 11 year old. To the roller rink we went! It ended up being a really fun time, though a few things were different than I remembered…

Things that have changed at the roller rink since 1995:

– The music. Salt n Pepa and 69 Boyz (Tootsie Roll!) have given way to Justin Bieber and LMFAO. I can’t really wrap my head around skating without Jock Jams…it just seems wrong.

– My level of fear. I am sure I fell all the time as a child, and as far as I can recall I never got seriously injured. Now I am certain that if I go down, I’m getting up with a broken wrist and a concussion. Which is why I took great care not to fall once. Booyah.

– The jeans. No JNCOs in sight!

– My age. This is obvious, since it was my birthday, but it was made even more clear by the fact that we brought coupons for the snack bar and had to calm a toddler whose sister had just tipped her over in a stroller (Mother of the Year award goes to that kid’s mom for sure). We have become the adults.

Things that have not changed at the roller rink since 1995:

– My inability to successfully skate backwards or complete that cross-over move the veteran roller rink kids were always doing nonchalantly as they whizzed past me in their Orlando Magic jerseys.

– The skates. Pretty sure there have been no new brown and orange rental skates purchased in the last 17 years. Just lots of disinfectant spray.

– The smell. All roller rinks smell the same – like a mix of leather and popcorn and smoke.

Friday links

22 Jun

Big weekend here in Eugene! The US Track & Field olympic trials are in town, and a lot of skinny people are running around, reminding me of how lazy I am. However, that will not stop me from eating lots of birthday cake this weekend, because I turn 26 on Sunday! Activities to include a massage, mimosa brunch at Sweet Cheeks Winery, and roller skating in early 90s attire.

And now, some fun stuff I’ve come across this week:

The color peach – so hot right now

Red wine fudgesicles!

Tea from Portland (I like No. 55 Lord Bergamot)

How to draw a little bird

Bike-friendly hair styles

Me encanta Spanish patterns

Best tshirt ever – just bought a couple and am in love.

Next time we’re in Paris, we will be adding to this

My favorite cocktail

summer favorites

20 Jun

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

In honor of today’s Summer Solstice, I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite things about summer. They are, in no particular order:

Dining al fresco.


Food just tastes better when eaten in fresh air. Drinks, more refreshing. Company, livelier. Whether it’s a restaurant patio, friend’s backyard deck, or picnic in the park, it is always exactly where I want to be at that moment.

The perfect temperature.

There are a couple evenings a summer when I notice that it’s neither warm nor chilly, but the absolute perfect temperature – comfortable and almost nonexistent. I may have to start carrying a thermometer around with me so I can tell you definitively what this temp is, but for now, just pay attention. You’ll know it when you (don’t) feel it.

A cabin on a lake

Preferably in Northern Wisconsin. Both my and Tyler’s families spend a week up north, so we have double the chances to indulge in the north woods (though this summer we may be 0 for 2).

Farm fresh produce

Is there anything more delicious than a fresh tomato? I really don’t think so. Except maybe that fresh tomato in a caprese salad.

Crisp white wine

I am a red wine drinker by and large, but when it’s hot out, I switch to white. So refreshing, and perfect for the aforementioned outdoor dining.

Friday links

15 Jun

photo credit: Libby Massey

Happy Friday! And a big CONGRATULATIONS to Tyler! Today he graduates from the University of Oregon with his MBA in Sports Business. Impressive, right? I’m such a proud fiancée.

Remember this song? (The class of 2000 got all the cool stuff – millennium themes, Vitamin C…)

Want to buy a castle?

A weekend escape to Madison

Dog vacations

Fun-fetti dip

I really like this vacation tip for couples

Mesmerizing photography

Make the perfect mojito

A picnic to reclaim the streets

The meaning of the lines on a red solo cup (who the hell drinks wine from a solo cup? I mean, I would, but is a line necessary?)

Have you ever heard an avocado referred to as an alligator pear? Weird, yet fitting

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14 Jun

Friday links

8 Jun

What are you up to this weekend? We are heading to Portland tomorrow to celebrate Matt and Matt’s birthdays and bid adieu to Jay and Cissi, who are moving to LA for the summer. And on Sunday I’m heading to a girls-only get together with a Mexican theme where I will probably overdose on taco dip. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Stately sandwiches

A spicy, dirty martini made with pepperoncinis. Yum!

I will be reading this memoir when it comes out in November

8 cool cities for summer

I love cucumber salads and this one looks delish and super easy

These chairs, I need them

Things real people don’t say about advertising

Vintage carousel letters – I want the K for my future home

One of my favorite meals

A better queue – Netflix recommendations

The perfect weekend getaway tent

I ate my body weight in brie…

5 Jun

Saturday ended up being an awesomely impromptu day full of activities. Our friend Judy hooked us up with free tickets to the Prefontaine Classic (thanks Judy!), so we rode our bikes down to Hayward Field, stopping at the Saturday Market on our way. Then we met up with Sam and Matt and drove out to LaVelle Vineyards to use up a Groupon I had purchased a while back. What I thought would be a quick tasting with a few slices of cheese and apples turned into a leisurely picnic of cheeses, prosciutto and chocolate truffles on a deck overlooking the vineyard. Way to step up your game LaVelle! From there, we continued on to PK Park to watch the Duck baseball game. It’s days like these that make me stop and appreciate all the cool stuff we’ve gotten to do since moving to Oregon. I feel very lucky.

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3 Jun


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