Friday links

1 Jun

via Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Can anyone else not believe it’s June already? I usually hate statements like that when used for small talk – yes, time is flying, no I can’t believe it, blah blah blah but seriously…June! It was just January. Anyway, it’s going to be a big month – Tyler graduates and his dad is coming out for that, my birthday is June 24, we’re renting our place out for the Olympic Trials…busy busy. But we’ve got a couple weeks before all that happens…so this weekend, we’re checking out the Prefontaine Classic/Kenyan Olympic trials, BBQing and hitting up LaVelle Vineyards for a picnic + wine tasting.

It’s a big weekend for my bf-on-the-side Harry’s grandmum

13 ways with gruyere

Literary map of the U.S.

How to have good luck around the world

If you haven’t seen this documentary yet, add it to your Netflix queue

Father’s Day printables

No-fuss dessert generator

Embroidered Kanye West tweets (the king of #highclassproblems)

Keep mosquitos away with a fan and other summer tips

Loving the use of stripes in weddings


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