blast from the past

27 Jun

This past weekend, in celebration of turning 26, I decided to act like an 11 year old. To the roller rink we went! It ended up being a really fun time, though a few things were different than I remembered…

Things that have changed at the roller rink since 1995:

– The music. Salt n Pepa and 69 Boyz (Tootsie Roll!) have given way to Justin Bieber and LMFAO. I can’t really wrap my head around skating without Jock Jams…it just seems wrong.

– My level of fear. I am sure I fell all the time as a child, and as far as I can recall I never got seriously injured. Now I am certain that if I go down, I’m getting up with a broken wrist and a concussion. Which is why I took great care not to fall once. Booyah.

– The jeans. No JNCOs in sight!

– My age. This is obvious, since it was my birthday, but it was made even more clear by the fact that we brought coupons for the snack bar and had to calm a toddler whose sister had just tipped her over in a stroller (Mother of the Year award goes to that kid’s mom for sure). We have become the adults.

Things that have not changed at the roller rink since 1995:

– My inability to successfully skate backwards or complete that cross-over move the veteran roller rink kids were always doing nonchalantly as they whizzed past me in their Orlando Magic jerseys.

– The skates. Pretty sure there have been no new brown and orange rental skates purchased in the last 17 years. Just lots of disinfectant spray.

– The smell. All roller rinks smell the same – like a mix of leather and popcorn and smoke.


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