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Friday links

27 Jul

This is our last weekend in Eugene. On Sunday, we are setting out for Wisconsin via California, Utah, and Colorado (and all the states in between). My feelings are all over the place right now – I’m excited to see friends and family and for the adventures we’ve got in store, but I’m so sad to leave the great friends we’ve made here and anxious about all the unknowns. If I think about those things, I start to get a little panicky and teary-eyed, so for now I’m going with denial and focusing on the tasks that need to get done beforehand, like cleaning our apartment, booking campsites, and killing these effing flies in my office! Should be an interesting weekend, to say the least.

And now, a little linky linky for your Friday.

The Olympics start today!

How cute is this retro state hankie?

Genius campaign from Draftfcb

Blackberry lemon goat cheese squares

How to have more confidence

Homemade mustard

Awesome 90s pop playlist

I think I need to buy one of these this weekend to fully complete our Oregonian adventure

DIY industrial bar cart

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An app to keep mosquitoes away


road trip | the music

26 Jul

Undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a successful road trip is the music. But selecting songs for the road trip mix isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s got to match your surroundings and the overall mood. I mean, you can’t listen to Lady Gaga while driving through the mountains. It just doesn’t fit (and it would make me really nervous!). (You can, however, listen to Johnny Cash anywhere. It’s just like the rules of the road or something.)

I am starting to build a playlist for our upcoming trip eastward and am looking for recommendations. Hit me up in the comments with your favorite driving tunes.

Here are a few of my favs that have made the list thus far:

John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads

The B-52s – Roam (I think Tyler may hate this song. Too damn bad, I love it!)

The Proclaimers – I’m Gonne Be (500 Miles)

Phantom Planet – California (This will probably play at least 5 times as we drive down the 101 to San Francisco!)


Friday links

20 Jul

Roger Sterling rides a bike

I had a dream last night that I lived in a world that was a mix of Mad Men and Harry Potter (hence John Slattery making an appearance this week). This would normally be awesome, except I was being chased by Death Eaters.

This weekend we are continuing to cross items off the Eugene bucket list. Next up: LaVelle Vineyard’s Friday Night Flights and a Eugene Emeralds game. Hope you have a great one!

Gelato tasting in Italy

Commute by jetpack (of course this is in Portland)

Easy DIY art

Boozy watermelon lemonade

Camouflage is on trend? Dear god I hope not

The perfect guacamole

Summer in Madrid

Bike commuter superhighway. Denmark is awesome

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I want this luggage

This pasta looks so simple and delicious

The quietest place on Earth

photos | Oregon Country Fair

17 Jul

pressing matters | a glimpse into my relationship

16 Jul
Alright. Worktime. Any other pressing matters…
french coffee
Gutenberg’s workshop.
good one
gentle cycle on the dryer
My 6th grade bball coach’s strategy when we were down by 20 with 2 minutes to go.

Friday links

13 Jul

Happy Friday the 13th to all. This weekend, we are packing up all non-essentials and continuing to sell our furniture (Tyler was a little too on the ball with this, so we’ve been having indoor picnics for every meal this week). Also, as I mentioned in my previous post, tomorrow we are going to the Oregon Country Fair. I’m not sure I’m fully prepared for what I may experience, but I sure am excited. Let me know if you need a new tie dye shirt. I’m told there will be an abundance.

San Francisco’s 15 best restaurants & a travel guide (both will come in handy on our road trip)

Gotta love the Big 10

Nutella swirl banana muffins

Consignment shopping in Chicago

90s first world problems

I am so guilty of this

A new Milwaukee restaurant I need to check out

Love this buck painting

Roasted zucchini, black bean, and goat cheese enchiladas

Best apps for wedding planning

Eugene bucket list

13 Jul

As our time in Oregon winds down, I am making a list of the things I want to do before we leave! Some are new, some repeats, but for the next two and a half weeks, I’m going to try and cross as many of these items off my list as I can.

Oregon Country Fair

Not to be confused with a county fair. This uniquely Eugene event combines food, drinks, music, and naked hippies. Basically all my favorite things. We are planning on going tomorrow. I’ll report back and try to snap some non-graphic photos.

Wine tasting

We’ve consumed our fair share of Oregon vino, but I want to take full advantage of wine country being a 30 minute drive away while we still can! I will be consulting this list for all upcoming activities in the area.

Hideaway Bakery’s Tuesday pizza nights

During our first week in Eugene last summer we stumbled upon this little gem. On Tuesday nights in the summer Hideaway fires up the wood burning oven in the parking lot and serves up delicious pizzas. There is live music and kids dancing and it’s just a really fun atmosphere.

Voodoo Donuts

I don’t even like donuts that much, but we can’t leave Oregon without partaking one last time. My favorite is the Portland Cream. Tyler is partial to the Old Dirty Bastard. Milk is a must.

Brewery tour/tasting

What kind of beer drinking Wisconsinite would I be if I didn’t take full advantage of the local brews readily available to me? Both Ninkasi and Oakshire are located here in Eugene and will tide me over until I can get my hands on a Spotted Cow.

Spencer’s Butte

Not a lot of mountain-esque hikes to be had in the Midwest. I love hiking Spencer’s because it starts out in the tall pines and feels very Oregon-y, and it ends with a great view over the city. Bonus – If you go in the evening you can catch a nice contact high from those who like to end a workout by lighting one up.

More than anything, I want to spend what little time we have left in Oregon with the great friends we’ve made! So if you’re interested in joining in any/all of the above activities, just let me know.

Friday links

6 Jul

image source

Thanks Fourth of July for giving us two weekends in one week! (Though, if you are a pessimist, you probably see it as two Mondays.)

Summer weather has finally arrived here in Oregon and this weekend will be spent at the pool. And probably starting to pack/purge our belongings. But mostly at the pool. Have a great one!

My friend Ameer’s blog. He is sweating his way through Singapore this summer. Hilarity ensues.

Sticky balsamic ribs (those three words turn me into one of Pavlov’s dogs)

Sick animated GIFs

Creating the perfect cheese plate

Caramel banana cake

Barcelona city guide

How to preserve fresh herbs

Cherry peach sangria

Mad Men grimaces

This song is so freakin’ catchy

making moves

5 Jul

The time has come, my friends, to officially announce what many of you already know: Tyler and I are moving back to the Midwest!

We are leaving Oregon at the end of July and making the road trip back to Wisconsin for wedding tastings, a class reunion, and a family vacay before ultimately landing in Chicago. Our specific move-in date will depend on a little thing I like to call employment. We’re currently seeking it.

I have loved our time in Oregon, but I am ridiculously excited to be back near family and friends and in a big city! I can’t wait to take public transportation, eat my body weight in deep dish pizza, and go wedding dress shopping. And, most importantly, use my sister’s newly-acquired Badger season tickets!

So here is to people who have nasally accents and last names that end in -ski. I’m coming for yous!

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4 Jul


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