Friday links

27 Jul

This is our last weekend in Eugene. On Sunday, we are setting out for Wisconsin via California, Utah, and Colorado (and all the states in between). My feelings are all over the place right now – I’m excited to see friends and family and for the adventures we’ve got in store, but I’m so sad to leave the great friends we’ve made here and anxious about all the unknowns. If I think about those things, I start to get a little panicky and teary-eyed, so for now I’m going with denial and focusing on the tasks that need to get done beforehand, like cleaning our apartment, booking campsites, and killing these effing flies in my office! Should be an interesting weekend, to say the least.

And now, a little linky linky for your Friday.

The Olympics start today!

How cute is this retro state hankie?

Genius campaign from Draftfcb

Blackberry lemon goat cheese squares

How to have more confidence

Homemade mustard

Awesome 90s pop playlist

I think I need to buy one of these this weekend to fully complete our Oregonian adventure

DIY industrial bar cart

Currently reading

An app to keep mosquitoes away


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