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Friday links

31 Aug

I hope you all have a great long weekend. Tonight, I am making this for dinner with my mom and sister. Tomorrow I’m heading to Madison for some Badger tailgating and Taste of Madison eating. And on Sunday we are heading to a beer garden in a park! What are your plans?

What the world eats

Hipster soups

I want to see this movie

Crafting sucks, basically

Rock salt roast chicken

How-to: clean a wooden cutting board

Tip: say “I love you” in the middle of a fight

The most cliché Instagram photos (guilty – except for inspirational quotes. hate ’em.)

14 pumpkin recipes. Fall is almost here 🙂


Mindy’s crazy BFF

28 Aug

I almost just wrote a blog post detailing why Mindy Kaling and I would be BFFs if given the chance (we have the same birthday!). My plan was to tweet it at her. Then I re-read it and realized how crazy and pathetic it made me sound.

Suffice it to say, I very much enjoyed her book.

currently reading

28 Aug


Friday links

24 Aug

I hope you all have a splendid, late-summer weekend. On Sunday, I am heading to Chicago for my first-ever Fantasy Football draft. Tyler and I are on a joint team because my dear friend Libby aka the commish (as she likes to sign league emails…super cool) deemed me too incompetent to have my own team. In her defense, I am too incompetent to have my own team, so it works out. We have the 2nd pick, which unfortunately means Aaron Rodgers will not be on our team (damn you Ashley!). Ah well, wish us luck!

NYC travel guide

Bartenders on bikes

This 4-year old stole my moves

Brownie cookies with maple bourbon buttercream

Invisible bike helmet

Homemade pesto

I want this shower curtain

Wanted: white blazer

The trouble with curation (and yes, I do see the irony in posting this in my weekly curation post.)

Hipster food

wedding | dress shopping

24 Aug

Wedding planning was way easier from Oregon – I wasn’t doing anything! Now that we’re in Milwaukee, we’ve got tastings and dress appointments, we’re revising proposals (not the one from Tyler) and getting bakery literature, and my mom keeps telling me to book the bartender (on it!).

In other words, wedding planning is in full swing. And I’ve got some progress to report: I may have found a dress.

After a couple different appointments with pushy bridal boutique ladies and ordering a dress from Nordstrom that looked great online but just ok on, I was getting a bit discouraged. Everything I tried on made me feel like a fake. They were gorgeous, expensive gowns, but just didn’t feel like me – more like generic Pinterest bride #457.

Anyway, my mom suggested we visit a dress my sister and she had seen at a bridal show this spring. My expectations were low as we walked into the boutique, but it turns out they had a lot of what I liked and this dress we were visiting? Is awesome. I think it is the one. It’s definitely different than what I had envisioned (which was vague anyway), but I love it.

I have one more appointment on Saturday that I am keeping, but as far as making more, I don’t really want to! It’s the only dress I’ve actually been excited about – and after thinking that may never happen, it feels pretty good.

This is what I’m looking to avoid

Friday links

17 Aug

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’ve been enjoying a never-ending weekend here in the Northwoods (hence the radio silence). Vacation pictures to come soon, but for now, here are some fun links!

Giant peanut butter cup

Child-free weddings make people nuts, apparently (FYI – no kids at ours)

Airbnb for bikes

20 Italian dinners

Customize a rental

I want this purse

Cool maps

Stylish bike shoes

Pack for Paris

Infographic: road trips then and now

Friday links

10 Aug

I’m back, in a big way. We have officially landed in the Milwaukee area. This past week and half has been nuts, but fun. Yesterday we did a catering tasting and I went wedding dress shopping (now that we’re in the area, I’m expected to plan this wedding thing).

I am heading to Madison tonight for Tyler’s 10 year high school reunion (old man alert!) and then we’re traveling north to Hayward for a week of lounging on the lake. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Dramatic Yelp reviews (I’ve done my own version of this with Wolfgang K.’s review of the Tin Shed)

Bob Ross remixed

Pink lemonade bars

Awesome cafe/bakery in San Fran (I recommend the croissant with ham and gruyere)

The hike we did in Zion National Park

We’re doing this next week (pardon the word art)

The best margarita you’ll ever have

Best beach cottages

America’s national parks as a subway map

road trip | zion national park

9 Aug

road trip | denver

9 Aug

road trip | california

1 Aug




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