wedding | dress shopping

24 Aug

Wedding planning was way easier from Oregon – I wasn’t doing anything! Now that we’re in Milwaukee, we’ve got tastings and dress appointments, we’re revising proposals (not the one from Tyler) and getting bakery literature, and my mom keeps telling me to book the bartender (on it!).

In other words, wedding planning is in full swing. And I’ve got some progress to report: I may have found a dress.

After a couple different appointments with pushy bridal boutique ladies and ordering a dress from Nordstrom that looked great online but just ok on, I was getting a bit discouraged. Everything I tried on made me feel like a fake. They were gorgeous, expensive gowns, but just didn’t feel like me – more like generic Pinterest bride #457.

Anyway, my mom suggested we visit a dress my sister and she had seen at a bridal show this spring. My expectations were low as we walked into the boutique, but it turns out they had a lot of what I liked and this dress we were visiting? Is awesome. I think it is the one. It’s definitely different than what I had envisioned (which was vague anyway), but I love it.

I have one more appointment on Saturday that I am keeping, but as far as making more, I don’t really want to! It’s the only dress I’ve actually been excited about – and after thinking that may never happen, it feels pretty good.

This is what I’m looking to avoid


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