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Friday links

28 Sep

Today is a bit of a milestone for Whitbull, you guys. This Friday links is also my 100th post! Thank you for reading any/all of them, and I hope you’ll read some of the next 100.

Telegramme Studios has awesome posters and prints

Bacon hearts, so cute

I heart this Gap sweater (pun.intended.)

10 best fictional boyfriends

Casetagram – make a custom iPhone case of your Instagram photos

I enjoy this blog

Funny way to apologize

The Instagram song. #hilarious


Portobello and leek carbonara


wtf wedding trends | shoes

28 Sep

Brides, I’ve got a bone to pick with you, and it involves footwear.

Every time I see a blog post featuring a wedding with the bride and/or bridesmaids wearing TOMS or flip flops, I want to punch someone in the face.

Why? Well, let me tell you.

A) Neither is appropriate footwear for a special occasion. And your wedding is the definition of a special occasion. And B) they don’t go with a wedding dress. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got pairs of both. I wear them for activities like floating the river, going grocery shopping, and getting the mail. Missing from that list? Getting married.

What’s that? They’re comfy? So are sweatpants, but you’re not wearing those to walk down the aisle, are you? (Dear God, I hope not.) There is a wide variety of ballet flats to choose from if you’re not comfortable in heels or want to change mid-way through the dance party. Even if you’re having a casual beach wedding, there are so many cuter options than rubber flip flops. Here, it took me one minute to find these. You’re welcome, slob.

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25 Sep


Friday links

21 Sep

Fall has arrived, and I am loving it! We spent this week in Chicago, and I got to check out a few apartments. It got me really excited for the move, but we’re waiting until one of us has a job offer to lock anything down. This whole fiscal responsibility thing is great and all, but I want to decorate!

Have a fantastic weekend!

The best word ever

NFL QBs’ Muppet Dopplegangers (Andy Dalton is spot on!)

Salted caramel and bourbon milkshakes

Want: perfect chambray ex-boyfriend shirt

Can’t wait to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Homemade Nutella

Polka dot bike stickers! (via swissmiss)

Traveler’s guide to quirky Milwaukee

The Unofficial Downton Abbey cookbook

Friday links

14 Sep

Hey guys – remember when Jay Cutler got sacked 7 times last night? Bear down indeed. WHATUP!

Anyway, here’s to a beautiful late-summer weekend! Hope yours is divine.

And now for some linkage:

Ohmahgah this cookie looks amazing

Vicky’s new blog

Love Israeli couscous – I am making a variation of this tonight

Ping-pong conference table

Sushi salad sounds delish

Glow in the dark bike

The Sandlot: Where are they now?

Fall’s must-read books

The Great Pacific Northwest

Startup is the new Hipster

love, whitbull

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13 Sep


Friday links

7 Sep

This weekend is one of celebrations! We are heading to Manitowoc tomorrow for the wedding of one of Tyler’s oldest friends. Then on Sunday we are helping my mom blow out her birthday candles one day early. Lots of excitement. Oh, and I brought my wedding dress home today! It’s taking a lot of willpower to not put it on and dance around for a while.

Bad lip reading of Twilight

A new literary magazine

Folding chair makeover

Hot & spicy Italian drip beef

History of New York in 50 objects

The Internet a decade later

Salt & vinegar potato salad

Bars & bar carts. I need one.

Free iPhone wallpaper

Illustrated state prints

Have a fantastic weekend!

– Whit

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7 Sep

prost! | estabrook park

6 Sep

Germany is one of the many, many places on my travel list.

Who doesn’t want to drink beer and eat sausage all day? (That is what you do there, right?)

Lucky for me, given the lack of Bavarian travel plans in my near future, Milwaukee is a hot bed for all things German – including a new beer garden!

This past weekend, my family packed a picnic of cheese and sausage and headed over to Estabrook Park. There was polka music, liters of beer, kids playing, dogs lounging, and beautiful weather. It was the perfect Labor Day weekend activity – relaxing and jolly.

If you are in the area and have some time, I highly recommend checking this place out.

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4 Sep

And The New York Times review

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