weekend recap | mostly football

8 Oct

Before going back to school, Tyler spent his falls coaching high school football. Which meant that I spent my falls as a high school football spectator (at least on Fridays). And though I don’t miss freezing my butt off on metal bleachers, I do miss the amazing group of friends we made in the coaches, their wives and their families. So on Friday we drove to Verona to watch the Homecoming game and catch up with one of our favorite groups of people. And I must say, this group has the cutest fricken children ever. It almost makes me want my own (but not). The Wildcats killed it, shutting out Madison East, and our Nutella cake/brownies were a hit at the post-game get together.

Friday night lights. Go Wildcats!

On Saturday we met up with Ashley and Josh at Ian’s for a slice of mac n’ cheese pizza before heading to the Badger game. They won (thank god). Afterward Tyler’s fam took us out to dinner at Quivey’s Grove to celebrate his upcoming birthday. If you haven’t been to Quivey’s and are in the Madison area, I cannot recommend it enough. Especially the Friday fish fry and brandy old fashioneds. Yum sauce indeed.

Ian’s. A Madison classic.

A sea of red – one of my favorite sights.

I also finished one of my book club books. And even though I know you’re all waiting with baited breath for my first review, I will be holding off on posting it until after the club meets. Wouldn’t want to ruin anything for my fellow readers!

Have a great week!


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