Friday links

19 Oct

Happy Friday everyone! And Happy Birthday to my good friend Ann!

Tonight we’re heading out for mexican food and tomorrow we’re going to a Halloween party. I found a fabulous denim jumpsuit at Goodwill that, paired with a blonde afro wig, turns me into a 70s disco queen. Very pumped about it. Hope you all have a fun-filled weekend.

Unfinished Portraits by Colin Chillag

What your American Girl doll says about your life. (I didn’t have one and actually didn’t realize they were that big of a thing for girls my age. I was all about the Barbies.)

The sockeye salmon‘s last swim

Lobster wall hook

Put a fox on it?

Turn your Instagram pics into a book

I need this app

Hair how-to: ballerina bun

99 life hacks to make life easier

Cheap places to travel on the US dollar


One Response to “Friday links”

  1. Ann Dalee October 22, 2012 at 11:23 pm #

    Thanks for the birthday SO Whitbull! I had Molly. And the description is pretty dead on. Surprised? And go figure you only played with Barbies 😉

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