Friday links

9 Nov

…And I’m back. Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week or so, but the good news is, we’re all moved in, have started our new jobs, and officially have internet! Today begins our first weekend as Chicago residents. Activities will include a Badger game at Will’s Northwoods Inn, a mid-season Fantasy Football “Foot Ball,” a trip to IKEA, and drinks with a friend from Oregon. Big city life sure is busy.

On to the links. There are a few extra to make up for last week. Have a jolly weekend!

Mushroom kale lasagna rolls

Macaron coin purse

This 6 year old is ridic

8 non-pumpkin holiday pies

A liberal’s letter to conservatives

Tebow’s email gets hacked

Winter dinner party playlist

Thanksgiving recipe roundup

How cute are these flats?

Love these pom pom bookmarks

The most liked Facebook photo of all time

Fall recipes for bacon lovers

One day I will own a set of these chairs

Want to see: Anna Karenina

The Rory Gilmore reading challenge


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