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Weekend links

23 Feb


This weekend, I’m in Milwaukee for my bridal shower! My sister has been working really hard to plan this soirée, and I’m excited to see the end result. I’ll be sure to post about it next week. Hope you have a great weekend too!

And now, links:

#20 made me laugh

Slow cooked jerk pork with Caribbean salsa

Hair tutorial gone very wrong

Three cheese chicken and artichoke bake

Loving these glimpses into Parisian homes

This blouse is great

Dippin’ soldiers

3 ways to arrange supermarket flowers

Heart elbows


Friday links

15 Feb


How were y’all’s weeks? Tyler and I had a delicious dinner at Telegraph in Logan Square  last night (we ordered the lamb meatballs, mushroom tartine, and heublumen cheese – all delish). I love going out to eat. This weekend is the last without something planned for quite some time. Max relaxing going on fa sha.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Whipped feta – wahhh?

#8 is totally what my locker looked like

Executive cat

Jalapeño bloody mary

Best toys of all time – #1 is spot on

Sweet cruiser

Client feedback turned into posters

Crock pot caramel – yum

Make a cheap bookcase look rich


Friday links

1 Feb


I am riding the rails to Milwaukee tonight. Gotta love the Amtrak and its mini wine bottles. Tomorrow I’m getting a much-needed haircut and getting my wedding dress fitted. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Heading here for brunch with my friend Ashley tomorrow

A gif search engine. Friends, prepare for even more gif texts

Two of my favs breaking into show tunes (which is exactly why I love them)

This made me laugh (We are working on wedding invites)

Pickles and brie grilled cheese. Two of my favorite things!

Slow cooker tips

Gin swizzle cocktail sounds refreshing

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