Friday links

15 Feb


How were y’all’s weeks? Tyler and I had a delicious dinner at Telegraph in Logan Square  last night (we ordered the lamb meatballs, mushroom tartine, and heublumen cheese – all delish). I love going out to eat. This weekend is the last without something planned for quite some time. Max relaxing going on fa sha.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Whipped feta – wahhh?

#8 is totally what my locker looked like

Executive cat

Jalapeño bloody mary

Best toys of all time – #1 is spot on

Sweet cruiser

Client feedback turned into posters

Crock pot caramel – yum

Make a cheap bookcase look rich



One Response to “Friday links”

  1. bk February 21, 2013 at 10:27 am #

    client feedback made into posters…brilliant.

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