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Celeb crush

26 Feb

Is there anyone cuter than Paul Rudd? I just don’t think so. And last night’s lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon serves as proof.

And his choice of Queen + flailing dance moves serves as proof that we are, in fact, soul mates.


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Vinegar Strokes Press Release

26 Jun

Context: The following email was sent by my friend Tim, a fellow member of the YHF Fantasy Football League, on behalf of his team Vinegar Strokes (co-owned with Elli). 


Attention Fellow Owners,

After much deliberation the Vinegar Strokes have decided to part ways with our dynamic but deeply troubled TE Aaron Hernandez. While the Vinegar Strokes organization believes everybody is entitled to their innocence until proven guilty, we do not feel that Mr. Hernandez embodies the character, Klass or proud tradition of the Vinegar Strokes.

This decision is independent of any anticipated action taken by the Commissioner; be it a fine, suspension or removal from the Strokes’ roster and subsequent waiver claim of said player (theoretically speaking, not insinuating the Commissioner would ever use her power to do such a thing).

To be clear, the Strokes do not condone this type of behavior. We hold our players to a higher standard and expect them to use better judgment – primarily in the form of more discretion when destroying evidence and the expectation they hide the body better than in a ditch near their home. We wish Mr. Hernandez the best of luck; and by luck we mean retention of Ray Lewis’ attorney and a friend willing to take the fall.

– VS


YOLO, you guys

28 Jan

coolest flight attendant ever

26 Oct

I’ve never flown Southwest, but after this, I will be checking them out for all future trips.

memorial day memories

26 May

One year ago this weekend we hosted a Memorial Day gathering at Tyler’s grandparents’ boathouse in Madison. I made sangria, there was lots of food…we were all prepared to have a good ol’ time. Then we tried to actually get into the boathouse. The new key broke in the door. And the spare key was hidden behind a bird’s nest full of babies and a potentially angry mama. Calling Tyler’s mom or aunt would have worked, as they had keys and were close by, but guys being guys, we decided to go another route: break in. Here is the result:

Video courtesy of Victoria

cold pop

22 Apr

The Hipster Games

13 Apr

Based on the obscure novel you probably haven’t heard of…

Happy Endings

5 Apr

I really love the show Happy Endings on ABC and I’m really sad that this season is over. Here is one of my favorite scenes:

“Ah, those sweet Chianti soaked nights, strolling the banks of the Arno, meeting amazing people from all over the Big 10.” –  Pretty much sums up my study abroad experience. But replace Chianti with Rioja and the banks of the Arno with Parque del Oeste. Actually who am I kidding – it was cheap Spanish table wine. I miss Madrid.

a real treat

3 Apr
This weekend in Portland we were driving down Alberta and noticed that the Tin Shed had an extra long line for brunch. A quick Yelp search turned up this little gem. I suggest reading it aloud for maximum comedic value.
A Yelp review by Wolfgang X.
I fucking love the Tin Shed. I mean for real, there just isn’t anything not to like about it. Other than having to wait. And that is whatever because you can drink endless free coffee out of vintage kitten mugs while you kill the time. Just don’t do what I did and smoke a spliff on the sidewalk out front because even if you think you’re far enough away, all the smoke will in fact go straight into the patio area and then some poor unsuspecting bridge and tunnel parents will have to explain to their six year old what that “funny smell” is and will glare at you while you eat your Sweet Chix.
Anyway. I grew up in Portland, and I’ve been to a milli different diner-y places and have had a milli different scrambles and burgz. But nowhere is as fucking off the chain as this place. Oh my god, seriously. Everything they make is special. You know how you can go to the Cup and Saucer, and you think, Dang, I Totally Could Have Made This Myself? Well I’m pretty sure you couldn’t have made the juicy, flavorful, creative foodz they have at the Tin Shed, which, in case anyone forgot, is totally the point of going out to eat. If you really want to avoid waiting, just don’t go between noon and like, two, on the weekends. Ooh, oh, and it’s also an awesome place to get your day drunk on. Mimosas for days!
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