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Friday links

28 Feb


This weekend, we’re finishing up watching the rest of the Best Picture nominees before a friend’s Oscar party on Sunday. Other than that, should be fairly relaxing. Have a great one!

Chicago bar map by CTA stop

True facts that sound false

Old Loves (recommended by Lena Dunham)

The only Beyoncé parody you’ll ever need

Currently reading

This book looks awesome

Vicky wins wife of the year

Potbelly’s super-secret menu

Truth in Olive Oil tests Trader Joe’s selection


Friday links

7 Feb


This weekend, I’m heading back to the motherland (Milwaukee) for some family hangs and potentially Mitten Fest (did someone say brandy?). Have a relaxing weekend, you.

Why you should never, ever put two spaces after a period

100 books to read in a lifetime (I’ve read 32 of them…got some work to do)

The final Divergent trailer

Jouer named a lipstick shade after me

Ideas for revamping dead metro stations in Paris

Cheers! How to toast in 21 languages

For the nerd in your life: NPR Valentines

Cabin porn

The .GIFYS are the first-ever awards honoring the animated GIF as a medium, social commentary and art form

Downton Abbey Valentines from Jenny Rose

Friday links

31 Jan


Happy Friday friends!

This weekend, I’m continuing on my journey to see all 9 films nominated for Best Picture before the Oscars. So far I’ve seen Dallas Buyers Club and Captain Phillips. Tomorrow I’m knocking out 12 Years a Slave and possibly Her. And now for the links…

Movie quotes as charts

These wild cat cake stands are awesome

Made these meatballs recently and highly recommend them

10 questions to ask your mother

B.J. Novak’s book trailer (featuring Mindy Kaling!)

Tina Fey and Jerry Seinfeld meet for coffee

The Fault in Our Stars movie trailer

Sriracha glazed chicken (I know someone who might enjoy this)

Need help with your  Twitter bio?

Fudgy brownies with COOKIE BUTTER FROSTING

Friday links

15 Mar


Happy Friday! St. Paddy’s Day is a big deal in Chicago, so this weekend we’ll be partaking in the festivities, including going downtown to see the river dyed green and consuming a few pints of Guinness. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Extra links, since I’ve been a slacker!

Love this song and want to be on this rooftop

Baked potato soup with sriracha

Choosing the right seat

What mason jars are really thinking

5 minute filthy burgers

How good does this BLT look?

Me on my honeymoon

How to give a foot massage

Bacon cheddar waffles

Love everything about this look

Pecan salty caramel tart

Hangover cures

Nutella banana swirl muffins

These shoes,  I want

Barack & his grandpa

Weekend links

23 Feb


This weekend, I’m in Milwaukee for my bridal shower! My sister has been working really hard to plan this soirée, and I’m excited to see the end result. I’ll be sure to post about it next week. Hope you have a great weekend too!

And now, links:

#20 made me laugh

Slow cooked jerk pork with Caribbean salsa

Hair tutorial gone very wrong

Three cheese chicken and artichoke bake

Loving these glimpses into Parisian homes

This blouse is great

Dippin’ soldiers

3 ways to arrange supermarket flowers

Heart elbows

Friday links

15 Feb


How were y’all’s weeks? Tyler and I had a delicious dinner at Telegraph in Logan Square  last night (we ordered the lamb meatballs, mushroom tartine, and heublumen cheese – all delish). I love going out to eat. This weekend is the last without something planned for quite some time. Max relaxing going on fa sha.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Whipped feta – wahhh?

#8 is totally what my locker looked like

Executive cat

Jalapeño bloody mary

Best toys of all time – #1 is spot on

Sweet cruiser

Client feedback turned into posters

Crock pot caramel – yum

Make a cheap bookcase look rich


Friday links

1 Feb


I am riding the rails to Milwaukee tonight. Gotta love the Amtrak and its mini wine bottles. Tomorrow I’m getting a much-needed haircut and getting my wedding dress fitted. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Heading here for brunch with my friend Ashley tomorrow

A gif search engine. Friends, prepare for even more gif texts

Two of my favs breaking into show tunes (which is exactly why I love them)

This made me laugh (We are working on wedding invites)

Pickles and brie grilled cheese. Two of my favorite things!

Slow cooker tips

Gin swizzle cocktail sounds refreshing

Friday links

25 Jan


Yay weekend! It’s going to be a fun one! My sister is coming down tomorrow and we’re doing a double sisters weekend with our friends from home. Brunch, shopping, and a night out in Boystown. Hope you guys have a fun one too!

Wasabi bloody mary

How to fake a great night out


Inauguration 2013: A Bad Lip Reading

Neighborhoods of Paris

Downton Abbey bingo

Pinterest fails

Sriracha cocktail


Friday links

18 Jan


Have a great weekend, you guys.

Is baguetting the new thing?

This apartment is a beyond awesome

I feel strongly about this topic

My thoughts exactly.

Meat for sale (my co-worker’s blog)

This wedding post makes me really excited for ours (we’re having our reception at the same venue)

Fireworks in reverse

Red wine pasta

Best cat video ever

(Belated) Friday links

12 Jan


Well, so much for my “be a better blogger” resolution. However, I have a somewhat legit reason for not posting Friday links yesterday. My plan was to post them once I got home from work, but Tyler and I went to see Lincoln (so good) and when we got home, discovered something that had me screaming like the girl that I am, standing on our dining room table and taking an 11pm trip to Walgreens. More on that later…

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Golden Globes drinking game

Best moments ever on the Maury show

How hot dogs are made

Blood orange bloody mary

Lena Dunham’s ideal bookshelf

25 food trends for 2013

Pretty ponytail

My wedding shoes!

Super cool typographic poster series

This ham and cheese puff pastry pie looks amazing

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