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Friday links

14 Feb


Hey, why don’t you go ahead and have a nice weekend?

Great love stories

A photographic journey through Wisconsin

Airport tag pillow covers

Uninspirational quotes

Wearing this today

Love these temporary tattoos (sported this one this week)

Herbed feta cheesecake…drool

Obsessed with this weekender

Have you heard of GOMI? It’s basically forums dedicated to trashing popular bloggers (some legit complaints, some “what is wrong with her face?”) It’s so mean but also fascinating. I can’t stop reading them.


Friday links

15 Mar


Happy Friday! St. Paddy’s Day is a big deal in Chicago, so this weekend we’ll be partaking in the festivities, including going downtown to see the river dyed green and consuming a few pints of Guinness. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Extra links, since I’ve been a slacker!

Love this song and want to be on this rooftop

Baked potato soup with sriracha

Choosing the right seat

What mason jars are really thinking

5 minute filthy burgers

How good does this BLT look?

Me on my honeymoon

How to give a foot massage

Bacon cheddar waffles

Love everything about this look

Pecan salty caramel tart

Hangover cures

Nutella banana swirl muffins

These shoes,  I want

Barack & his grandpa

Friday links

18 Jan


Have a great weekend, you guys.

Is baguetting the new thing?

This apartment is a beyond awesome

I feel strongly about this topic

My thoughts exactly.

Meat for sale (my co-worker’s blog)

This wedding post makes me really excited for ours (we’re having our reception at the same venue)

Fireworks in reverse

Red wine pasta

Best cat video ever

(Belated) Friday links

12 Jan


Well, so much for my “be a better blogger” resolution. However, I have a somewhat legit reason for not posting Friday links yesterday. My plan was to post them once I got home from work, but Tyler and I went to see Lincoln (so good) and when we got home, discovered something that had me screaming like the girl that I am, standing on our dining room table and taking an 11pm trip to Walgreens. More on that later…

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Golden Globes drinking game

Best moments ever on the Maury show

How hot dogs are made

Blood orange bloody mary

Lena Dunham’s ideal bookshelf

25 food trends for 2013

Pretty ponytail

My wedding shoes!

Super cool typographic poster series

This ham and cheese puff pastry pie looks amazing

Friday links

4 Jan


This weekend is the first since we’ve moved to Chicago that we have nothing planned, and I am so looking forward to it. I have a book to finish, sleeping in to do, and most importantly – cold weather to avoid! Have a great weekend.

Currently reading

Polka dot frying pan

I feel strongly about bloody marys

Anatomy of a cheese plate

Fireworks in reverse

Loaded sweet potato

DIY sleep salve


Friday links

30 Nov

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am heading to the Packer game on Sunday and I’m pretty excited ’bout it. I’ll also be celebrating my dear friend Ashley’s golden birthday in Milwaukee on Friday. Happy birthday Ash!

San Francisco’s micro apartments

Is there anything better than mac n cheese? I just don’t think so.

Get a North Pole postmark

Um, duh.

Best Christmas card ever?

Lemon-Basil Ricotta Stuffed Shells in a Champagne Cream Sauce

Currently reading

DIY modern magnets

Great shoes from Target

I can’t wait to see Les Misérables

Wednesday links

21 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Since today is basically Friday, I thought I’d give you all a little link love 2 days early.

What are your holiday plans? This is the first year Tyler and I are doing holidays together, so we will be spending tomorrow at his Dad’s house. Green bean casserole ingredients, 2 bottles of wine, and cranberry sauce in the can (Tyler wouldn’t have it any other way) are packed, along with my walking shoes for the Berbee Derby.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Holiday how-to: the red lip

Bicycle taxidermy

Cute calendars from Minted

Currently reading

50 best date movies

Free iPhone wallpapers

Leftover turkey noodle soup

30 days of Pinspiration

Friday links

16 Nov

*Update:What the heck? Sorry about the worst Friday links ever. I wrote and published this on the train last night from my WordPress app, which evidently decided to go with a previous draft rather than the full one I intended.

Best way to roast a turkey

A very realistic-looking bacon scarf

The skinniest house in the world

Brussels sprouts + beer + bacon

Friday links

9 Nov

…And I’m back. Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week or so, but the good news is, we’re all moved in, have started our new jobs, and officially have internet! Today begins our first weekend as Chicago residents. Activities will include a Badger game at Will’s Northwoods Inn, a mid-season Fantasy Football “Foot Ball,” a trip to IKEA, and drinks with a friend from Oregon. Big city life sure is busy.

On to the links. There are a few extra to make up for last week. Have a jolly weekend!

Mushroom kale lasagna rolls

Macaron coin purse

This 6 year old is ridic

8 non-pumpkin holiday pies

A liberal’s letter to conservatives

Tebow’s email gets hacked

Winter dinner party playlist

Thanksgiving recipe roundup

How cute are these flats?

Love these pom pom bookmarks

The most liked Facebook photo of all time

Fall recipes for bacon lovers

One day I will own a set of these chairs

Want to see: Anna Karenina

The Rory Gilmore reading challenge

Friday links

26 Oct

This week has been a bit crazy, but the good news is – I got a job and I start Tuesday. Now, if anyone wants to find me an apartment in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, I’d really appreciate it.

Happy Homecoming Badgers!

Killer bloody mary (with a skull garnish!)

Emergency compliment

LifeSwap is like AirBnB for careers

Eggs Benedict: 3 ways (not Eggs Benedict threeways you sicko)

What it was like to be a telephone operator on the night of War of the Worlds (skip to 1:25)

This movie looks intriguing

30 reasons

The Onion’s take on TED Talks

Tiny doors!

10 hearty vegetarian pasta recipes

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